Digial Signage (as known as electronic signage) has two types, Non-interactive and Interactive.

Our Non-interactive Digial Signage allows our customers to deliver content to specific locations at specific times. Content such as images, video, text banner, weather information, and news will be played in sequence. A Content Management tool will facilitate the content update and scheduling. Updated content and schedule can be transferred to the display via network or USB memory sticks.

Digital Signage System for Office Building

Office Buildings

Digital Signage System for Restaurants


Digital Signage System for Hotels and Club Houses

Hotels and Club Houses

Digital Signage System for Hotels and Club Houses

Shopping Centers

Queuing Management System


Our interactive Digial Signage able our customers to arrange content in an intractive and organize manner. Content such as event photos, discount coupons, wayfinder, and transportation information.

Interactive Kiosk

Interactive Kiosk